Crossing Roper Bar Volume 1

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“The music is absorbing; this is not an album that relies on concept over substance. At once solemn and energetic, reflective and frenetic, Crossing Roper Bar is a major musical statement.”
Ashleigh Wilson, The Australian July 2010


The Manikay (song cycles) of the Yolngu represent one of the most affecting performance traditions from the oldest living culture on Earth. Since 2005 Benjamin Wilfred and the Young Wagilak Group have worked closely with the AAO to develop contemporary renderings of endangered cultural artifacts extremely precious and significant to Yolngu culture.

This album, recorded at Alan Eaton Studios during the 2009 Melbourne residency, is another exciting step towards the project’s goals to offer wider audiences a unique insight into their culture while showing a way forward for young people wishing to engage with the traditions of the living Elders and their ancestors.