A new project in development, composed by Peter Knight

Diomira is a new project in development created by AAO Artistic Director, Peter Knight. Its first 15 min movement was composed for the AAO and premiered as part of the opening concert of the Metropolis New Music Festival in Melbourne. The clip above features the live recording of the premiere with video created by Scott Morrison. This first movement of the Diomira won the 2016 Albert H Maggs Composition Award, which funded the commission for the composition of subsequent movements and the development of Diomira into a full length concert work.

Drawing inspiration from Diomira, one of the imaginary cities described in Italo Calvino’s novella, Invisible Cities, Peter Knight’s work sets up a post-minimal logic that refracts and disintegrates as we listen. The instrumentation of the chamber jazz orchestra is expanded with the unexpected additions of turntables, a reel-to-reel tape machine (which replaces the drum kit) and live laptop signal processing. The sounds of acoustic instruments and voices are interwoven with field recordings cut onto vinyl, and are filtered and augmented as Knight plays with our perceptions of what we hear and what we imagine we have heard. Time folds into itself in a very Calvino-esque manner, leaving us with the trace residue of moments half remembered.

Performed by:
Peter Knight - composer, artistic director, trumpet/electronics. Andrea Keller keyboard/piano. Tristram Williams, trumpet. Gian Slater, voice. Erkki Veltheim, violin. Steve Raegele, guitar. Mary Rapp, cello. Vanessa Tomlinson, percussion. Tony Hicks, clarinet/saxophone. Adrian Sherriff, bass trombone/electronics. Samuel Pankhurst, bass. Joe Talia, drums/Revox reel-to-reel. Nicole Lizée, turntables.