Meeting Points: New, experimental, genre bending, improvised

AAO Meeting Points is the umbrella for a performance series that takes many different forms. 

Solos, duos, and larger ensembles. It is a space for experimentation and the development of new ideas and produces unrepeatable experiences for audiences. 

The frisson of the new, of the now!

Recent performances include at Monash University Museum of Art Sound Spaces featuring Tilman Robinson, Jem Savage, Peter Knight and video artist Scott Morrison. 

Quartetthaus solo series as part of 20Up featuring Scott Tinkler (trumpet), Martin Ng (turntables), Sandy Evans (saxophone), Gian Slater (voice), Sam Pankhurst (bass), Vanessa Tomlinson (percussion). 

AAO Meeting Points started as the Hard Core on the Fly series, which was conceived by trumpeter Scott Tinkler and debuted in 2012.

"The idea behind these performances is to broaden the musician base of the AAO and introduce new energy and ideas into the improvising culture of AAO members, creating new musical relationships and recognising established ones.
"Each of the established artists involved have very strong ideas about improvisation and varied but well practiced approaches. Each week will see some well established musical relationships with the added excitement of brand new ones lurking."

AAO Sessions retains this adventurous spirit but has extended the engagement and broadened into a diverse platform for experimentation across genre and form. It also opens spaces for collaboration with new artists and ideas.

The Australian Art Orchestra explores the meeting points between cultures, between the avant-garde and the traditional, between art and popular music, between electronic and acoustic approaches, and creates music that traverse the continuum between improvised and notated forms.

The focus of this series, as the name suggests is these ‘meeting points’ in music and in the next year will feature a range of artists.