Meeting Points Series 2019-2020



Leaf and Shadow, Sun 22 Sep, 5pm

Of Deities and Demons, Sun 8 Dec, 5pm

Hand to Earth, Sun 23 Feb, 5pm

Amir ElSaffar, Sun 31 May, 5pm

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The Pavilion

100 St Kilda Rd,


VIC 3004

A contemporary concert series for the curious. 

Together with Arts Centre Melbourne, we are excited to present the Meeting Points Series 2019-2020.

The four-part series is an intimate collection of concerts curated by Australian Art Orchestra’s Artistic Director Peter Knight, bringing together musical styles from across the globe in unexpected collaborations.

Returning for its third year, audiences will experience a mesmerising line-up of never-before-seen works and cross-cultural compositions in our most exciting line-up yet. Each concert features acclaimed international and local artists, accompanied by the Australian Art Orchestra.

The 2019/2020 Meeting Points Series is formed of four spectacular concerts:

Meeting Points Series: Leaf and Shadow

Featuring Hyelim Kim (Korea) - taegum (Korean flute) with Simon Barker - drum kit, Pei Anne Yeoh (Malaysia) - violin, Bae Il Dong (Korea) - voice, and others.

22 September 2019, The Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne

A meeting of Korean sounds and percussive rhythms.

Acclaimed young taegŭm virtuoso, Hyelim Kim is recognised internationally for her leading role in breathing new life into the traditional Korean bamboo flute. Performing both traditional compositions, as well as her own contemporary works, Kim collaborates with leading musicians all over the world, using her instrument to promote exchange with a wide-variety of musical cultures.

In this intimate concert, Kim’s expressive breath tones will be paired with the rhythmic force of Australian drummer Simon Barker who has pursued a long-term study of traditional Korean music. Complemented by cutting-edge musicians from the Australia Art Orchestra’s extraordinary pool of international collaborators, this Meeting Points concert will perfectly reflect the vibrancy of borderless contemporary music.

Meeting Points Series: Of Deities and Demons

Featuring Baliphonics from Sri Lanka: Sumedi Suraweera (Sri Lanka) - drum kit, Prasanna Rupathilaka and Susantha Rupathilaka (Sri Lanka) - traditional drumming and dance, Reuben Derrick (NZ/Sri Lanka) - bass clarinet. With AAO musicians: Simon Barker - drum kit, Carl Dewhurst - guitar, Peter Knight and Reuben Lewis trumpets and electronics.

Presented as part of Mapping Melbourne 2019

8 December 2019, The Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne

Ecstatic music and dance from Sri Lanka.

In a rapturous celebration of ancient Sri Lankan culture, Baliphonics and Australian Art Orchestra bring age-old rituals to life through traditional dance, chanting and music.

In a spectacle of dance, music and light, this unique group draws upon an astrological healing practice known as Bali Ritual, in which deities are invoked and demons exorcised.

On a recent trip to Sri Lanka, Peter Knight (Artistic Director, Australian Art Orchestra) formed a friendship with leader of Baliphonics, Sumudi Suraweera. This friendship formed the start of an exciting collaboration combining the yak bera (demon drum), clarinets and other traditional instrumentations with the signature experimental jazz stylings of Australian Art Orchestra.

This Meeting Points Series exclusive will thrill audiences through an intense and visceral experience, bringing together the powerful artform of Sri Lankan ritual music with Australia's leading contemporary ensemble.

Meeting Points Series: Hand to Earth

Featuring Daniel Wilfred (Arnhem Land) - voice, Sunny Kim (Korea) - voice, Peter Knight - trumpet and electronics

Presented as part of Asia TOPA

23 February 2020, The Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne

Three musicians. One sound.

One of Korea’s most sought after jazz vocalists Sunny Kim, Yolngu song-man Daniel Wilfred and multidisciplinary musician and trumpeter Peter Knight return for their third collaboration, Hand to Earth.

Together they sing of the stars, of fire, and of the cooling rain, against Knight’s floating trumpet notes and electronic crackles. Their effortless collaboration spans continents and cultures, expressing a deeply human commonality.

Wilfred sings in language and is the keeper of Yolngu manikay (songs) from North East Arnhem Land. These songs can be traced back over 40,000 years and is the oldest continuously practised music tradition in the world. Kim sings in English and Korean and intones wordless gestures that invoke raw elemental forces.

Their voices meld into the electronic atmosphere created by Knight (Artistic Director, Australian Art Orchestra) who draws on the minimalism of Brian Eno and Jon Hassell to create a bed for these beautifully contrasting voices.

Following the overwhelming success of The Hearkening(2017) and Hand to Earth (2018), the trio’s latest collaboration represents contemporary Australia at its best; sophisticated, inclusive, diverse, and forward looking.

Meeting Points Series: Amir ElSaffar

Featuring Amir ElSaffar - trumpet, Simon Barker - drum kit, Aviva Endean - bass clarinet, Jacques Emery - bass, Peter Knight trumpet and electronics, Lizzy Welsh - violin, and others.

Part of Melbourne International Jazz Festival 2020

31 May 2020, The Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne

Exclusive headlining concert with Iraqi-American jazz composer and trumpeter.

Amir ElSaffar is a renowned trumpeter, santur player, vocalist, composer and purveyor of the centuries-old Iraqi Maqam tradition. His imaginative music will join the innovative sounds of the Australian Art Orchestrain a one-off Meeting Points Series concert as part of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

A master musician in an age of cross-cultural music making, ElSaffar’s ground-breaking compositions reflect a deep understanding of the microtones and ornaments signature to Arabic music. Having trained in European classical music and American jazz, ElSaffar’s passionate and visceral music is one to behold.

The New York based musician’s previous works draw on his time spent traveling between Europe and the Middle East to study with the few surviving masters of the Iraqi Maqam, reflecting a region in turmoil and strife.

This collaboration will create a stunning representation of music in the 21st century.

The Meeting Points Series 2019-2020 is supported by City of Melbourne and Australia Council for the Arts, with additional support by Ian Potter Foundation and Portland House Foundation.