Seoul Meets Arnhem Land: Ecstatic Voice

South Australian Premiere

OzAsia Festival at the Adelaide Festival Centre, September 30


OzAsia Festival, Adelaide Festival Centre: Space Theatre, Saturday 30 September, 5:00pm


Curator of Meeting Points: Peter Knight


Voice: Bae Il Dong

Voice: Daniel Wilfred

Voice: Jenny Barnes

Drum kit: Simon Barker


Executive Producer for Insite Arts: Tam Nguyen

A new collaborative concert that brings together two of the world’s most distinctive vocal practices: Yolngu manikay (song) tradition from Arnhem Land, and South Korean p’ansori ‘street opera’, in a world premiere fusion of music.

P’ansori involves years of isolated practice in the mountains of South Korea, with dedicated performers singing into waterfalls to develop volume and intensity. Yolgnu manikay is one of the oldest continuously practiced music traditions in the world, and consists of songs passed down through generations from the ancestral beings that originally shaped and named the Yolngu homelands in Arnhem Land.

While manikay and p’ansori embody different approaches to voice and sound, they also have much in common: stories, improvisation, focus on extreme refinement of vocal techniques, and hypnotic rhythmic elements, along with a sense of voice that rises from the earth.

Seoul Meets Arnhem Land: Ecstatic Voice will be presented as part of Meeting Points, a triple bill of music performances that break down barriers between cultures, genres, and disciplines. They feature artists from Japan, South Korea, China, and Arnhem Land with Australia’s leading contemporary music ensemble, the Australian Art Orchestra. Meeting Points brings together vastly different Asian and Australian musical styles into an afternoon-long world premiere music event exclusive to OzAsia Festival.