Striborg meets the AAO at MONA FOMA 

spectra  [tasmania], 2013, Ryoji Ikeda

spectra [tasmania], 2013, Ryoji Ikeda


20th January 2019 MONA FOMA Launceston

Wed 21 - Sat 24 June, 6.00-7.00pm
Mona, Organ Room Balcony 

Striborg: drum machines, synthesisers, samplers
Australian Art Orchestra, featuring:
Aviva Endean: contra bass clarinet
Peter Knight: trumpet/amplifier
Mindy Meng Wang: guzheng
Erkki Veltheim: electric violin

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Striborg is an extraordinary artist at the creative and virtuosic end of the metal genre. He is originally from Tasmania, but has amassed a loyal international following particularly in Europe. He will be joined by Erkki Veltheim (electric violin), Peter Knight (trumpet / amplifier), Aviva Endea (contrabass clarinet), and Mindy Meng Wang (guzheng).
For a little taster of the ingredients of this concert, watch the Australian Art Orchestra's Artistic Director Peter Knight practice his ‘scream trumpet’ in this short video.