The Return of Spring

Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns
26 September 2014


Musical Direction and Composition
Simon Barker, Scott Tinkler, Bae Il Dong 

Bae Il Dong voice, Simon Barker, drums, Scott Tinkler trumpet,  Phil Slater trumpet, Vanessa Tomlinson percussion, Carl Dewhurst guitar, Erkki Veltheim violin, and Scott McConnachie saxophone.

"If volcanoes could sing, then they would sound like Bae Il Dong. The Korean’s voice has such breadth that it not only fills physical space like a lava flow but seems to stretch back across time."


- John Shand, 
Sydney Morning Herald


The Return of Spring is the latest manifestation of the collaboration between Bae Il Dong, Simon Barker and Scott Tinkler, which introduces the Australian Art Orchestra (AAO) as a major collaborative force.

The Return of Spring explores improvisatory responses to narrative songs from the epic story Ch’unhyangga (Song of Spring Fragrance), the large Korean framework for improvisation ‘Sinawi’, as well as melodic and rhythmic fragments derived from hoeshimgok, a form of secular Buddhist music.