The AAO epitomises a 21st century approach to music making. Its musicians are as comfortable improvising as they are reading high-level notation, they can play a burning jazz groove, understand esoteric conceptual work, and are enthusiastic about collaborating across cultures & disciplines. The ensemble revolves around a ten-piece core and draws from a large pool of players depending on project requirements.


Nicole Lizee, composer, turntablist

Aaron Choulai, composer, pianist

Kim Myhr, composer, guitarist

Alvin Lucier, composer (Exit Ceremonies)

Erik Griswold, composer, piano (Water Pushes Sand)

Timothy O'Dwyer, saxophone (Water Pushes Sand)

Keiichiro Shibuya, composer, pianist

Claire Edwardes, percussionist, Artistic Director Ensemble Offspring (co-director Exit Ceremonies)

Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani, Sruthi Laya Ensemble (Two Oceans)

Daniel Wilfred: Young Wägilak Group (Crossing Roper Bar)

David Wilfred: Young Wägilak Group

Samuel Curkpatrick, academic (Crossing Roper Bar & teaching faculty, Creative Music Intensive)

Scott Morrison, video artist (Water Pushes Sand)


Carl Dewhurst, guitar, Niko Schauble, drums, Phillip Slater, trumpet, Ngaiire, voice (Strutting With Some Barbecue)Sabina Maselli, video artist (Strutting With Some Barbecue, Vaidyanathan Suresh: Sruthi Laya EnsembleBasavaraju Balasai: Sruthi Laya EnsembleRajeswari Sainath, dancerPaul Cutlan, clarinet, Lachlan Davidson, saxophone/multi-reeds, Alex Pertout, percussion, Alister Spence, piano, James Greening, trombone, Philip Rex, bass, Mary Rapp, cello/bass/voiceJeff Wassmann, John O’Donnell, Stuart Campbell, Ian Chaplin, Bob Coassin, Deborah Conway, Gary Costello, Doug de Vries, Tony Gorman, Johnson Hall, Benjamin Wilfred, Peter Harper, Tobias Titz, Elena Kats-Chernin, Michael Kieran Harvey, Tim Hopkins, Ruby Hunter, Nigel Jamieson, Andrea Keller, Paul Kelly, Yusef Komunyakaa, Patrick Nolan, Richard Nunns, Daryl Pratt, Archie Roach, John Rodgers, Josh Roseman, Mark Simmonds, Julien Wilson, Wayan Gde Yudane, Ketut Yuliarsa, Willy Zygier, Elliot Dalgleish, saxophone, Brett Thompson, guitarist, composer, Young Artist in Residence 2013/14, Anthony Pateras, pianist and composer, Ren Walters, visual artist, guitarist, Adam King, drummer,